what = What specifically we can do for you?
We can re-establish your brand by retuning your logo, or we can design your new business a logo from scratch. Along with that logo we can re-establish your brand on-line with a retuned web site, or again, we can establish a web site that fits for your new business. All of the technical stuff that goes along with your web site; domain names, nameservers, web hosting...we can handle all of that for you locally. If you have a problem you call us, and we solve it for you. We are experts on social media. Not everyone needs to be in the social media world and we will be up front about that. We educate you first and then we leap together.

Allow us to help you brand yourself, create a buzz, continue said buzz and win new customers. After all this is a partnership, if you aren't winning, we aren't either.
It's simple, we think we're pretty good at:

Web design/development including hosting
Social Media - Web 2.0 (add additional buzz words here)